About NIT(KOSEN),Yonago College


  National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Yonago College (“Yonago KOSEN” as abbreviated in Japanese) was established in 1964 by the Japanese Government for the purpose of fostering highly skilled engineers. An organizational change in 2004 resulted in Yonago KOSEN being placed under the jurisdiction of National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), which is an independent agency administering 51 KOSEN campuses and about 50,000 students. The KOSEN educational system is very unique, admitting junior high school graduates into 5-year associate degree or 7-year bachelor’s degree programs.

  Yonago KOSEN started out as a college with three departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Chemistry. The Department of Architecture was added in 1969, and the Department of Electrical Control Engineering in 1985. The Department of Industrial Chemistry was reorganized into the Department of Materials Science in 1994, and the Department of Electrical Engineering into the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2004. In addition, we saw the establishment of our 2-year Advanced Engineering Courses in 2004, commencing 7-year bachelor’s degree programs in Production Systems Engineering, Materials Science, and Architecture. Yonago KOSEN is therefore currently composed of five departments and three advanced engineering courses, with about 1,100 students enrolled.


 School Emblem

  The name “Yonago”, the city where Yonago KOSEN is located, is said to come from “Yonau no Sato”, meaning ‘the village where rice grows in abundance’. This later changed to “Yonau-go”, and then, to “Yonago”. Our school emblem was made by stylizing the kanji 「米」, read in Japanese as “yona”, together with「高専」, read in Japanese as “kousen” (which is a Japanese abbreviation of the phrase ‘college of technology’). Japan’s National  Institute of Technology are commonly known as “KOSEN”.

School Emblem