Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  With the recent rapid development of information technology, the field of electrical engineering is becoming more and more diversified, and so is often considered the basis of engineering. The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering presents the following three major subjects; Information Processing & Communications Engineering, Electric Power Generation & Control, and Electronic Devices & Circuits. A flexible combination of these three subjects helps students to acquire a broad knowledge and wide range of skills in both software and hardware technologies. We strive to train and foster skilled engineers capable of designing, developing and maintaining systems in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering and information technology. The curriculum has at its base the study of electrical circuits, electromagnetism and information processing, and provides opportunities for the study of applied subjects in electronic circuits, computer engineering, power electronics, information network engineering, control engineering, digital circuits, etc. In addition, experiments and practical work in relation to each study field are included in the curriculum, further developing students’ practical abilities. In the fifth year, students are engaged in leading-edge research as a requirement for graduation.


Graduation Research


Experiments in controlling the performance of electric vehicles