Department of Electronic Control Engineering

  The Department of Electronic Control Engineering aims to train and foster creative and skilled engineers capable of supporting basic technologies in Monozukuri, or craftsmanship in manufacturing, by providing students with a wide range of expertise and skills regarding computers and robot control in the fields of information processing, electronic circuits and devices, and mechatronics.

  To achieve the aforementioned educational aims, our course curriculum is designed to enable students to study both basic and applied subjects in a systematic manner. In the first three years, students will study fundamental subjects in each field, such as information processing, electromagnetism, digital circuits, electronic measurement, strength of materials, design and drawing. In the later years, they will study applied subjects in each field, including computer engineering, data communications, electronic devices, micro-computer control, robot control engineering, and machinery mechanisms. In the fifth and final year, elective subjects include software engineering and systems engineering, enabling students to broaden their knowledge in each field even further. Experiments and practical work are included in the curriculum of each year in relation to each field in order for students to acquire practical abilities. In their graduation research, students take on practical challenges to help develop their creativity.


Programming Contest 2016 Free Category (company award winning)


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