International Exchange


At Yonago KOSEN,

  We recognize the role and importance of Japan to the international community and aim to cultivate resilient citizens who can collaborate with others and demonstrate their own expertise as well as understand the differences in religion, culture, behavioral characteristics, and values of the recipient (host) country. 

  In order to achieve the former, we have engaged in approximately 40 years of collaboration with the community, ·Contribution to internationalization · strengthening the international competitiveness of the region by utilizing regional collaboration · strengthening the international competitiveness of other technical colleges as a base of the Sea of Japan Sea gateway.

As a Global Citizen, Yonago KOSEN values,

  1. Motivation; The ability to undertake projects actively and positively, and to achieve the goal with cooperation, flexibility, and sense of responsibility.
  2. Global Literacy; As a member of Japanese society it is necessary to collaborate while understanding the differences in religion, culture, behavioral characteristics, and values of the recipient country.
  3. Communication; As a global citizen, using language skills as a communication tool, and selecting and the most effective vocabulary according to circumstances, as well as the ability to communicate concretely in global society are valued. Self-expression and consensus-building ability in the community are also valued.

  In order to foster the above three viewpoints, we are carrying out various international exchange programs such as overseas study tours, language training, overseas internships, and academic exchanges. In addition, since 1986, Yonago KOSEN has accepted about 90 foreign students from 14 countries, and as part of international exchange activities, we are promoting regional exchange programs for foreign students.